Perfex CRM SaaS Module


Start your SaaS CRM business instantly, just install Perfex SaaS module and you are good to go.

TurnCRM is a module that convert your perfex CRM installation into SaaS, just with click of buttons. It is packed with all you need for smooth SaaS business, from setup to accepting payment to scaling.


Perfex CRM is self hosted Customer Relationship Management software that is a great fit for almost any company, freelancer or many other uses. With its clean and modern design, Perfex CRM can help you look more professional to your customers and help improve business performance at the same time.

To host CRM for all your company is not a easy task. Also agency managing companies CRM will find it easier if they could manage all their customer company from a dashboard without dealing with multiple host account/files management; Software as a service

TurnSaas utilize clean interface and quality development applied by perfex CRM for development of elegant Module for running multiple company at a time with breeze – TurnCRM.

TurnCRM is a multicompany software as server (SaaS) module for perfex CRM. The module convert your simple perfex CRM installation into SaaS without loosing data or breaking future update from perfex CRM. Agency can register and signup for subscription on your platform and create many crm (limit by plan set by you) as possible for numbers of company. It comes with clean, secured, responsive, SEO friendly & eye-catching design which will attract your future customer with the first impression.

TurnCRM perfex module expect you to have your perfex setup before installing our module. You can start your CRM SaaS company instantly without programming knowledge, just install TurnCRM module and you are good to go. You might also need stripe api keys for setting up the payment gateway. That’s it.

Notable Features:

  • Multi-tenancy – Only you can set limit to the number of possible instances.
  • 3 SaaS DB Model : Single tenant per DB, Multiple tenant single DB and Sharding (Multiple Tenant multiple DB)
  • Comprehensive backup system and migration tool.
  • Guided wizzard installer.
  • Autorepair feature – you can install update from perfex. This module wont stop you from using future update from perfex author. Any breaking changes in update can be done automatically using the repair url.
  • Ejectable with button clicks. You can easily uninstall the module and go back to your previous setup with ease.
  • Comprehensive content management system for managing business contents.
  • Comes with elegant¬†landing page with content from the CMS.
  • Secure clean scalaby high quality code.
  • Templating design with theme inheritance , giving room for designing future theme easily.
  • Pricing management with support for stripe.
  • Subscription using stripe or credit funding system (wallet).
  • Customer can create mutliple instances base on plan and package subscribed to.
  • Expansible seat pricing allowing you to bill per excess CRM instance created by tenant.
  • Works with other perfex modules (tested with about 50 perfex modules).
  • You can customize which module is available on each plan.
  • Instance dashboard preview (for organization use). We advice you disable this for commercial use.
  • Flexible SaaS model – You can change the model at anytime without headache (although we dont advice this).
  • Email templates with editor.
  • Cron job management for all instances.
  • Works on all hosting. You can run this product on cPanel for evaluation
    or low scale use using Sharding or Multiple tenant single DB scheme.
  • ….and many other non trivial features.

Below services are included in the package purchase:

  • Free installation.
  • 3 month basic support.
  • Free automatic SSL setup service for your subdomains and tenant custom domain (CNAME or A) on cloud hosting.
  • Cloud storage backup tool for database and file.
  • Lifetime access to future updates.


After you install our module, your existing data could be managed through This is master CRM that is used as template for creating new instances. You can also disable SaaS module from this address after activation. Data on this master CRM will be available after you uninstall this module.


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SaaS Dashboard Login Credentials:

SaaS Admin (system owner) : password
SaaS Tenant (Agency/company): password

Perfex Help and Documentation

Demo CRM instances Login Credentials:

SaaS Default CRM (master crm): only on request
SaaS Tenant CRM (agency instance): password

All login password is “password” without quote.

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